Intercultural Transition Coaching

Once your plane has landed, the real adventure begins!

Many expat experiences will be new to you, and you’ll do your best to take it all in stride. You may have a partner/spouse or friends to confide in and with whom to share your adventures and frustrations. Still some new expats benefit greatly from the support of another ”seasoned” expat as their coach. Why? Because sometimes the intercultural equation is most successfully tackled with the aid of a neutral sounding board who nonetheless has already “walked the walk” you’re poised to begin!

As an intercultural transition coach, Trina is available to help you deal better with the tension that the immersion in expat life can initially cause. She is also at your side as you process the many new professional challenges, insights and experiences you’ll face, and help you successfully consolidate them into a strong foundation for the future your envision for yourself.

You’d like more details about this programs, including scheduling options and pricing? Contact Trina to set up a complimentary info call!


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