Dispel Disbelief™ Coaching

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
(Anais Nin)

If you are standing at the crossroads of your professional life, you see yourself confronted with many difficult questions, for example:

  • Is my career really what I want it to be right now?
  • Are my business strategies taking off as well as they should be?
  • Am I really doing everything I can with my true talents?

Are you ready to jump-start your solution-finding process?

No matter what your specific question might be Dispel Disbelief™ Coaching challenges you to truly confront what you would do with your business or career, if you knew you could not fail!

Although you put on a brave face when considering your professional goals and aspirations, you realize you have internalized limiting ways of thinking about your possibilities. These subconscious limits are deeply rooted in fear. Fear has taught us to think smaller than we should…to dream smaller than we should…to be smaller than we should

“Do just once what others say you can’t do and you will never pay attentions to their limitations again.”
(J. Cook)

An intensive 2-session prismatic coaching process, Dispel Disbelief™ Coaching takes you outside the current comfort zone your subconscious fears have created for you, and lets you look your wildest professional dream right in the eye.

In Session One: After picking a specific aspect of your wildest dream as it pertains to your business or career, together with your coach you spend two full hours looking – in detail – at the what, when, why and how of that dream:

WHAT is it I really want?
o What will it really look/feel/be like once it is achieved?

WHY do I really want this?
o Is this dream something that resonates inside me or is it something I have internalized from outside of myself?

HOW do I imagine achieving it?
o Am I willing and able to make the necessary commitments and sacrifices to turn this dream into reality?

WHEN can I make it happen?
o Do I know what my timeline – incl. action steps and milestones – will look like?

At the end of Session One you will have turned what seemed to be a distant fantasy into something tangible by confirming – or updating – its relevance in your professional life.

In Session Two you take the first step that marks the beginning of your journey. Together with your coach you utilize two additional hours to view your present career or business situation within the larger framework of your greater professional dream.

  • If you are already on the right track career- or business-wise, what should you be doing more (or less!) of in the future to insure that you reach your goal as effectively and efficiently as possible?
  • If your current business or career is not taking your closer to your greater professional dream, what changes do you need to make

…within the next 100 days
…within the next year

to get yourself on track and prepare yourself to achieve your goal?

Dispel Disbelief™ Coaching is not an excuse to daydream about a fairytale business or career – it’s your opportunity to reach for your own professional star while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

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