CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe)

As a Black Professional living in Europe, you are working in a country where existing rôle models that look like you are often few and far between. If you are also seeking success as an expatriate, you are performing under heightened scrutiny as the “new kid on the block” as well. In either case, you are giving your all to make your professional dreams come true, while dealing with the added challenges of living and doing business within a culture not used to seeing people of color in that light.

That is just one reason why you are looking for more support, encouragement and motivation from a neutral sparring partner who knows exactly what you are going through. This includes well-founded, impartial feedback on important career steps or major changes in business that impact your entire life, as well as strategizing about ways to constructively counter stereotypes and fight concrete prejudice in the business world.

You already know about the benefits of business and career coaching, but it is either something your company reserves only for top management, or – if you are an entrepreneur – you are not sure you can afford.

CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe) is a solution created especially for you!

What are CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe)?

CoachingHives™ are a small group of professional people who are serious about working proactively on reaching their business-related goals. Because they are committed, they are ready to invest in themselves by working with an experienced coach to turn their dreams into plans, those plans into action, and that action into reality. By working with a coach as their personal accountability partner, they increase their effectiveness in achieving goals within an agreed period of time.

How are CoachingHives (Black Professionals in Europe) organized?

Target Group: Black Professionals living and working in Europe, who – despite the demands of daily business – are prepared to work with focus and commitment on developing and implementing effective strategies for their current business-related challenges in order to achieve their long-term professional goals.  Typical challenges are:

  • How can I improve my professional persona by better integrating key aspects of my authentic cultural identity?
  • How can I work to successfully combat concrete stereotypes and overt/covert prejudice in the business world that seem to stand between me and my professional goals?
  • How can I effectively motivate myself (and others like me)?
  • How do I successfully market myself on the job/my company in the marketplace?

All of these topics are dealt with in confidential surroundings* within the context of supporting you in effectively adapting your professional strengths and past learnings to suceed in your (new) business and cultural environment.

Duration: 6 months

Group SizeCoachingHives™ are made up of at least 4 – and no more than 8 – members

Language: The language in CoachingHives™ is English or German on agreement.

What are the concrete benefits of CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe) versus 1-on-1 coaching?

  • Membership in CoachingHives™ is financially attractive, because of the lower cost-per-session for the individual
  • As a member of CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe) you therefore benefit from the support of an experienced coach for a longer period of time
  • In CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe) you receive valuable input and support from your coach, as well as relevant comments and feedback from other Black Professionals, all of whom share your experience
  • Because CoachingHives™ coaching sessions are conducted by phone (or Skype) you can literally dial in from anywhere. CoachingHives™ coaching sessions are therefore much more easily integrated into the normal framework of your busy business and private life.

What are the features of CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe)?

Membership in CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe) includes:

  • Intake documentation (incl. analysis)
  • 6 monthly CoachingHives™ coaching sessions à 75 minutes
  • 6 “focus mails” as a summary of the last session and in preparation for the coming session (incl. worksheets)
  • Podcasts of all CoachingHives™ group sessions for individual study/analysis
  • 3 CoachingHives™ 1-on-1 sessions à 60 minutes to confidentially intensify work on your individual challenge
  • Unlimited e-mail support, so you can have spontaneous access to support in a crisis

You would like to know more about the opportunities and conditions of CoachingHives™ (Black Professionals in Europe)? Simply write me a short email with your questions, and we can discuss them at an agreed upon time via telephone or Skype: coaching(at)

* All participants are required to sign a binding confidentiality statement!


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