Five Coaching Questions about…PURPOSE (redux)

In April I have the pleasure of interviewing Hugh Gaddy, Founder/CEO of BLACK IN TIME ENTERPRISES. Hugh will share with us his story of identifying – and living – his life’s purpose. A former student at the University of North Carolina as well as North Carolina Central University, Hugh founded BLACK IN TIME ENTERPRISES to promote Black History year-round via original products, concepts and initiatives, and to serve as an online learning center for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the history of African-descended people in America. A former journalist, Hugh was a 1985 Outstanding Young Men Of America award recipient, and in 1999 was inducted into the INTERNATIONAL WHO’S WHO OF ENTREPRENEURS. Join Hugh and I to hear how his search for and realization of “purpose” has both challenged him and positively impacted his life and career!

Click here to listen to my interview with Hugh Gaddy!


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