Five Coaching Questions about…FEAR

Lillian Ogbogoh (Waking Passions)

In June my guest will be Lillian Ogbogoh. Any of you have have followed the show from the beginning know that Lillian  honored me by being my guest host on the very first show!

Lillian is an inquisitive, transformational communicator who is passionate about the re-education of womanhood. It’s her mission to take us back to the divine beings of purpose that we were originally designed to be. This includes: celebrating our feminine gifts rather than hiding them under a bushel – and using them everywhere we go from the home to boardroom.

She is also a Directional Coach whose journey to this point in her life has been anything but straightforward. Graduating from London Guildhall in 2002 with a degree in International Relations and combined studies, Lillian decided that the political arena was not where her true talents lie. She is much more interested in “what made people think” and the “why we did what we did as people”.

Lillian has her own show on BlogTalkRadio every Wednesday called Waking Passions, which includes transformational conversations with amazing people to awaken you to your own unlimited potential to achieve and live at your true purpose.

At the onset of womanhood Lillian’s mantra was “I can do it by myself”, and she took every opportunity to prove it by staying in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship. At the time she thought that if she could change a tire, paint a wall and build furniture, she could make a relationship work and change a person. Her next phase in womanhood can be characterized as “I’m a survivor”, and “Independent Women” became her theme song. From being a door mat she went on to now intimidating most men and was always the last one offered a helping hand.

Her “a-ha” moment came after reading “The Power of Being a Woman” by Michelle McKinney. The words “A woman who knows who she is is a powerful tribute to femininity” caused a profound shift in her way of thinking and led her on a profound journey to discover to her true feminine self – helping her unveiled the goddess inside.

Find out what role FEAR played in Lillian’s journey through womanhood, and how she’s transformed her fears from a burden into a blessing!


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