From Resolutions To Results

Turning Intentions into Reality

The beginning of a New Year is traditionally the time to define objectives. One of the essential prerequisites for effectively defining future goals is a realistic assessment of the past.

The most motivating goals – whether corporate or career – are the “organic” and realistic ones that reflect our external necessities, as well as our core values. Carefully selected and propelled by focused action steps, these are the goals we are most likely to achieve – and possibly exceed.

External pressure has increased drastically. That’s why the “Me Factor” (or – for corporations – the “We Factor”) will be crucial to how well you maintain the status quo: the foundation upon which you achieve your goals. By accurately identifying and persuasively leveraging the value we add to our business processes, we prepare ourselves to move forward with a pragmatic amount of confidence into the New Year.

The following questions may help you in defining your goals more precisely:

General Coaching Questions:
1. What do you consider your most important professional achievement in the past year?

2. What challenges did you overcome to achieve this goal?

3. What temporarily insurmountable hurdles – if any – prevented you from achieving other important goals last year?

Coaching Questions for Corporations and Organizations:
1. What new sources of income can you most easily (re-)activate in the coming year?
* What’s the biggest energy and time thief within your organization?
* What do your customers complain about the most?
* What product or innovation is missing from your market?

2. What is your company’s, (department’s; team’s) big business opportunity for the coming year?
* What strategies need to be in place and given priority to most efficiently meet this challenge head-on?
* What are you – personally – doing to push this project forward?
* How are you ensuring that all managers and employees involved are well-prepared to  meet this goal

Coaching Questions for Managers:
1. What is your most significant goal for the year to come?

2. What are the biggest hurdles you will have to take to achieve this goal?

3. What are the most important assets (skills, contacts, experience, opportunities) you have to facilitate reaching this goal?

If you would like support in formulating more realistic goals or developing a focused action plan for your business or career, contact me for a complimentary coaching/consultation session.


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